Wednesday, August 31, 2005

She's beautiful (i should admit), she's intelligent (obviously), she's such a wise gal (that's what do i think!), she's totally talented! and she's such an outgoing gal i've ever met.. *but* she's way too childish (for her age), she's trying to be mean all the time (i dunno why), she's moody and.., i was her worst enemy! At least that what was she used to say about me..

But today, this morning, i couldnt really help myself to cry. Although we're enemy (supposed to be!), i really couldnt help myself and let tears stroke out from my eyes. It just.. sad. Well, she's my mommy, and to think that i'd lost my mommy, i just couldnt help and cry. Even though she wuz my enemy, but she's grrreat (wahh jangan terbang tuh..). She used to help me out, especially with my OSIS (Student Organization) and football thingy. And really, sometimes, this 'Mean Queen' could change into something like a wise gal. Both of her side are good (I mean, you wouldnt expect a person to be kind with you all of the time, right?!). Although to tell you the truth, i'd prefer her 'wise' side than her 'mean' side.

I used to think that life is sucx.. But my friends and enemy make it better.. Even great! Especially if you have such a mommy (yang merangkap sebagai muh enemy) like her. Unfortunately, we just lost her this morning.., that girl named
Anisa. No more Mean Queen nor Ms.Wise Gal. But she's still in our heart. I remember what did my fellow told her once; "Friendship starts and also ends.. Well, that's natural, right? .. But not for our friendship; it'll never end!" That's totally right! Dimanapun, sejawh manapun Mami berada, but you will still in our (your children; AnaxilanK's) heart. We wont let you leave our heart! Hohoho.. Take our promise!

Eniwei, dalam rangka perpisahan Ms.Anisa, Sabtu kemaren kita-kita pada jalan ke Game City (klo di Jakarta kayak DuFan gitu deh). Emang sih klo di peresnin, kayaknya 5%-na DuFan, but it wuz actually fun! Hohoho.. Roller Coaster-na juga unique, baru aja mule treak, ehh.., udah nyampe duluan. Tapi tetep aja si Tkz suka pucet kalo naik kali pertama. Huehue.. (kebetulan kmaren duduk disebelahna Tkz) *But gud kaw cizt; gak panik lagi klo naek twister* Tapi yang anchour yah pas naik Ghost Train (huahuahua.. *dah ketebak*) Fa khan anaknya paling takut gitu soal ghost-an.. Apalagi disuruh naik Ghost Train! Jadilah Fa nyari mangsa temen se-kereta yang berani gitu.. Huehue.. So, Fa nyamperin Jessica, karena Fa taw diya gak takut:

Fa: Hey Jess.. You wanna try da Ghost Train?
Jess: Of course..
Fa: You're not afraid, arent ya?
Jess: No.. Why should i?? *dengan muka meyakinkan*

Fa: Ok, lets go together then..

Jadilah Fa naik bareng Jess. Ehh.. Tawnya..

Fa: *baru mo treak*
Jess: KYAAAAAAAA!! *treak + meluk sekenceng2na*
Fa: *cengo + sesek napas* (kagak jadi treak)

Jya elah.. Akhirnya kita treak berjamaah degh.. Huahuahua!! Memalukann!! Kita tuh yang saling berpelukan.. Huahua.. Aduh malu dakuwh! *blushed*

PS. Happy B'day Nanta.. Moga2 tambah lutchu, imoet, jadi anak yang soleh and jadi jarang ngambek!! (penting itu!!)

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