Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I am moving out soon!

Yea, well, I know some of you may find me overreacted over this simple thing. But, since I have never done this before, I can't really help myself but feel excited about it.


It's not like I don't like my current host family. As a matter of fact, I love them! My host mom is great! And God bless her; I feel like having a second mom :) Emoticon

But the offer is just too fantastic to pass. So, here is the plan: I am going to live with my five other friends. I made a picture of them in paint. I know I mentioned that there will be other five girls who are going to stay with me, but I have not meet the last girl, yet. She is suppose to be Sha's friend who is only going to be with us for a month. Since I know nothing about her, I don't put her picture here. I'll let you guys know when I get to know her later :)

These are my future roommates. Sha is from Thailand. I just met her three days ago, but she was wonderful! I met Uyen, a Vietnamese girl, on the first day of orientation, and we became friends since then. Mimi, the Korean girl, has been taking the same classes with me since our first quarter (Spring 2010), and we both have the same dream: to be a doctor! Thuy is so sweet; she's from Vietnam too. I know we are all going to have an awesome time together! Yay! xD

Since I am going to share my room with Mimi, I am only going to pay less than $ 300 per month! (Can you believe?) I can save a lot! I am so excited!! Emoticon The house it
self is not too bad. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms, just enough for all six of us. The house looks approximately like this:

I firstly thought that I am going to take the "Room" downstairs, but the backyard view is kinda creepy for me. Thank goodness Thuy came to the rescue! (I love you, girl! Smiley) Thuy was supposed to share the "Bedroom 2" with Mimi, but since I freaked out the previous days, Thuy said she will take mine. I couldn't be more grateful for that!

It's 23.01 pm now, but I can't simply put myself in doing my assignment! I guess I'm just too excited with the moving out thingy (it's gonna be next week!). We're scheduling to meet the owner and make the contract after we have finished with our application form and other required forms sometime this week. There are soo much to do Smiley

But I am sooo excited, though!
Smiley Smiley Smiley

I just hope that everything is going to work just fine :)

PS. I got an email from my Mom. The allergy strikes her again poor Mom :( I really hope she's okay. Please do pray for her :) I miss her so much! Smiley

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