Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hiatusnya kelamaan hhi

Since i transformed into a senior year student, it seems like 24 hours aren't just enough for me. It's like living on a fast lane. I don't even believe myself having said that sentence. I mean, isn't it just too early? That sentence isn't for me to say right now. I must be a business woman on my early 30 to say that. But that's just how i can describe my condition right now.

First year of high school; i was really into school. My ambition was to become a doctor, and i know i have to work hard to achieve that, so i did work hard. Then on the second year, my pain produced some gains. I was able to take science on my second year and the school used to send me to attend several competitions. And i won some of the competitions that i attended. For me, those were good achievements and I'm proud of those times.

But on my second semester of my second year, i began to see some part of the high school life that i haven't seen before. I knocked up into the world of relationship, guys and love. So at the time, my concentration began to break into two pieces; school and boyfriend. I tried my best to concentrate at school, but there were times that i have problems with my boy so the concentration was successfully destroyed. Having spend most of my times with my boy also made me lost my control of time. Sometimes, i even let him called me till dawn, so i didn't have much time to do my homeworks. At the time, I've never really know how can those things effect my future life.

Guys weren't my only problem, actually. On the second year, the kids of the Students Intra School Organization (OSIS) asked me to join them due to the dis enrollment of several students that were supposed to hold some positions in the organization. So without my own notice, i slowly began to walk out from my usual stuff. My school projects, homeworks and all were ruined. I used to get bored and sleepy in the class. And I can hardly get 8 or 9 on my exams. But the worst part is, i began to forget my actual reason to come to school.

But i did get into my senior year. I have my new class, my new friends and also, my new teachers. New class and new friends aren't really my problems. Several of my new school mates were my old ones, so i needn't to worry. The teachers are the ones that i should be worrying. I'm no good at adaptation. And my records on the second year made me feel even harder to catch up at school. Not to mention the day when my boyfriend made me real down. Everything seems to fall into pieces.

So that's it.

I had enough of fun on my second year. There are lots of things that i need to catch up. So i made up my mind, broke up with my boyfriend (and eventually got a new one :)), and get my head on my dreams. The hardest part is to change my whole habits. Though it feels kinda hard to get myself studying, but insya Allah i wont give up.

You might be thinking that it'll be useless for me to try to make things better if i keep myself attached to a guy. I thought so. But the more i try to break up with him, the more i cant get my head on my things at school. I think I'm already get used to him. He tries his best not to ruin my school things; not calling me on weekdays, giving me many information that i need about my next study, cheer me up when i get bad marks or when the world seems to stand up against me, and all. He always come up with lots of things and i like his way of comforting me :) So now i think that everything is up to me. My future is in my own had. People around me have their on ways of supporting me (my mom with her lectures, informations and ideas; my family with their usual stuff which somehow always make my day; my friends for they always be there for me; and my boy, for he's the one i look up on my ups and downs), and it all depends on me now; how i can use their services maximumly.

Anyhow, that's also the reason why I've never showed up lately; because I've been busy catching up my dreams. But i just feel that it is a must for me to return the favor of the people who always be there for me; by sharing some of my stories (which i hope, can do you all some goods :)). And after all, i need all the chances i have to make my writing better ;p

Just be there for me, will you?
Be a good comer and reader of my blog, share me some things i need to know, and stay out of drugs! (halah)
Jangan bosen mampir yia :)

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