Monday, September 05, 2005

"Ok, so our world becomes warmer? Big deal!" Just that? Don't people get about what we are actually facing with? Some people just say, "Well, it's global warming you said, eh? That's good. We don't need to use any room heater for the future!" For sake! This is our world we're talking about! Not an air conditioner..

Ok, let me get it straight. I'm talking about stuff like world changing and how it is actually change. According from a website I saw once, our lovely and only Earth has warmed by about 1 degree Fahrenheit over the past 100 years. "Of course, if it was not change we would probably live in ice age right now."

Well, I have to admit that it is (well, rather) right. But what if the world gets warmer? What will happen to our beloved Earth in the next 100 years? Don't you care? Do you even understand what I am trying to say?

The thing is, while the blue planet getting warmer, the climate also changes. From the dictionary I read, climate is defined as the average pattern of weather variation at a certain location, throughout the year. Well, just think if the pattern of weather changes. Not to mention a rise in sea level, and the great impact on the Earth's contents. But the worst fact is that, these things are actually caused by human itself. I mean, by us.

Maybe now we can relax as if there's nothing happen. Pretend to know nothing about this world we're living in. But when we get the impact of all of these things, I'm sure we wouldn't be this calm. Anyway, this global warming is also caused by a process which is known as the greenhouse effect.

So let me have an honor to explain in my own words about this 'greenhouse effect'. As I told you before, this process take an important 'role' in the global warming as it's also the one who caused it. Maybe you're wondering why we call it 'the greenhouse effect'. Well, it's simply because it works in the same method as the greenhouse.

The atmosphere around us works in a same way as the glass panes in the green house. According to one of the book I read, when the atmosphere is hit by sunlight, 30% of it is reflected back into the space. The 70% of the sunlight energy is absorbed by the Earth's contents and trapped under the atmosphere, causing our Earth to heat up. Well, it is a good thing that the sun's rays warm the whole planet so that every living being may survive.

But back again to what I said; what if the greenhouse effect becomes stronger? Obviously, it's warming our Earth much more than usual. And even a little warming up would make a little problem for the Earth, I believe.

Well, maybe it's good for the people who live in a cool climate like in Europe. But how about the people who live in Asia? Most of the Asian countries have hot climates, and that would be a problem. Imagine Myanmar on water festival. Hot enough, eh? And imagine of the Earth's warming up. That could be a big problem. We will need a lot of air conditioner then..

So that's the big deal. Actually there are still lots of problems that we would probably face if we let the global warming become much stronger. But I think you might recognise it easily, because some of them are easily seen lately.

But we can make a difference if we try! We're not too late as yet. Firstly, for those who doesn't really know about this global warming (including me =P), I suggest to read more about it. It will help you a lot. You will know what to do to prevent it. And for those who already know, try to save what we have right now. Perhaps saving electricity, plant more trees (instead of fell it), recycle things and try to use solar energy can help to prevent the stronger global warming.

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