Monday, December 12, 2005

It seems like, all of these years I've been too fond with my Nannies. I don't see why is it impossible for me, though. Well the thing is.., they've been great, you know.., although I know they like gossiping. Well.. What's wrong with gossips?! I do like gossips too! As a matter of fact, it's been my snacks since I started to attend skewl for the first time; well, as far as I remember.., since I started socializing with all of my besties.

Back to my Nannies.. I've never take any interest.., I mean.. I've never really care about them before. It was just yesterday when I realized about how much they care about me. How loyal they are. I think you would also say so if your Nannies wouldn't protest you even if you wake them up at midnight just to ask them to accompany you to do your home works, or cook a late-dinner for you if you come home late at night. Or if they kept staying awake till midnight when you're get down some which makes you cant close your eyes even for a second and made you a cup of hot chocolate. Well.. That's my Nannies.

You see, one of my Nannies was helping me to make out my room yeterday, when I tell her about my mid-test. Then I realized how young she is (well.. she's older than me, but.. hey, she's still in her early 20s). Her name is Tete (jangan jorokz yahh..). =P

Tete: Kaka, examination tomorrow, lhar? Kenapa ga belajar?
Me: Later.. Just refreshing.. I've been studying for three hours, you know!
Tete: *Laugh* Nanti Ibu marah..
Me: Phibi le kwa! (Udah lagi..!)
Tete: Tete Auntie also angry if Tete no belajar. Pukul-pukul *tangannya dikebas-kebaskan.. kayak lagi mukul seseorang*
Me: *Laugh* Kok Anutie?
Tete: Auntinya teacher lhe..
Me: Ooh..
Tete: Last year Tete mau pulang.. Fa ra thide, no? (Fa ra tau khan?) Ibu bilang ga boleh.. Papa Tete marah lhe..
Me: Kok marah..?
Tete: Tete suruh pulang.. Sekolah lhe.. University.. Tete already make assignments for University.. Tapi Ibu say cannot go.., because Ibu no Nanny, lhe..
Me: Oohh.. *ngangguk-ngangguk*
Tete: So, after this.. Far a pulang Jakarta, no? Tete go back.. University.. Tete mo cari kerja.. *nyengir*

Begitulah. She's still willing to work here, in my house, even when she had to went back to her place to attend the University. I heard that she even had a conflict, once, with his Daddy when she said she wants to gets back here. You know, somehow I feel gulty.. *Terharu*

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