Thursday, May 25, 2006

UAN selese,, UAN selese,, UAN selese,, UAN selese,, UAN seleseee,,!!! (tolong dilanjutkan hingga anda terbatuk2x,, thx b4)

Demi Tuhan, saat2x seperti inilah yang gue tunggu,, Libur, no schoolworks, dont have to wake up at 4 am, no courses,, Ahh,, this is totally LIFE!! em,, Tepatnya sebelum gue sadar apa yang telah menunggu dari jauh2x hari: house works.

Great. Just great.

For ur information only, my parents are totally different from other parents all over the world. They're totally,, well,, kuno. No, it doesnt mean that im trying to say that,, (alahh beribet,,) . Pokoknya yg jelas, what im tryna say is,, they treat me like im livin a life of those days like,, er,, Siti Nurbaya ! For a start, my weekly allowances is way too low than my friends',, Second, im not allowed to hang out with my friends like i used to do when i was in Yangon,, Third, my mom,, 'menekan' seluruh anggaran RT (ehm, rumah tangga), which means that i cant buy anymore clothes for the next 4 or 5 months,, and that includes the prom gown!!!

What a life ! You know,, the list will go on if i continue it for sure,, So i better stop it here.

Ngomong2x soal prom gown, actually, my mom and me have been discussing it for the last 3 weeks, and we (i mean 'I'), seems to be failed to get mom's approval to buy new clothes (i mean, come on,, this is one in a life time !) This means a lot for me,, for my social life.. And guess what she say ! "Tahu nggak,, Dulu, Mama nggak pernah bolehin pergi ke acara2x sprti itu sama Oma ! Dan hasilnya apa,, Mama selalu juara kelas!! Itu karena Mama nggak pernah mikir macem2x selain sekolah,, Duh,, Prom,, Apaan sihh,, Nggak ada hubungannya ama sekolah!! I disapprove!!" (hok !~ kata2x itu spertinya menohok leherku,,) Hm.

Bagus. Lengkaplah sudah penderitaanku,,

Ok, she did bought me a gown. A freaky one, if you ask me. The one of her age,, I guess it was her ones.. Im so freaked out that i think i might as well not coming to that par-teee.. And when i told my friend about this, all she said was, "Great... Anyway, my prom gown is this cool black one, with black lace and bla bla bla bla,,"

O yea. Great. Thanks for not helping.

O well, i think i wont be coming anyway cuz i think i'll be busy with my baby brother on that week. O yea, have i told you that my mom will deliver my new bro tomorrow ? Im so excited !

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